Verbal Reasoning Book 1

Social Studies for Primary Schools, Books 1 – 6 are written in accordance with the 9-year Basic Education Curriculum for Social Studies, developed by the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC).

Issues that are important to the development and transformation of young persons into responsible and active citizens are extensively treated in these series.

Pupils will find these books useful as it helps to understand good values in the society and appreciate their duties and rights as citizens.

Each book in the series is designed using simple language, combined with colourful and descriptive illustrations. The content of each book is organised in modules. Each module consists of units, illustrations and exercises to evaluate pupils.

It is believed that the knowledge gained by pupils in these books will go a long way in imparting long-lasting values and knowledge that will help them to be responsible to themselves and the society in general.

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Ikenna C. Igwe

Verbal Reasoning with General Knowledge for Basic Education is a six- book series carefully designed to impact pupils in the primary school with the necessary skills required for verbal reasoning.

Each book in the series is specially structured to adequately prepare the primary school pupil for the common entrance examination, Universal Basic Education examination and other intelligence and aptitude-related tests or examinations.

The various topics and exercises in the six-book series (Books 1-6) are intelligently graded. They are outlined in such a way that they become more difficult though easy to understand, as the pupil progresses from one class to the other.

It is expected that at the end of the series, the pupil would have been fully grounded in the basic know-how required for an excellent performance in any of the above stated examinations.

Verbal Reasoning with General Knowledge For Basic Education has a companion series titled Quantitative Reasoning with Vocational Studies For Basic Education books 1-6.


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