Metropolitan Publishers Ltd, MPL is one of Nigerian’s leading publishers, with our headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria. MPL was established in 1999 and throughout our history, we have always been home to the ambitious, the passionate and the inquisitive ones. Our unique insight and expertise come from our long history of working closely with teachers, authors, researchers and learners in the academic sector. Our titles are used by teachers and learners from around the world.

MPL employs highly qualified professionals in all department and maintains a state of the art facility to ensure quality with efficiency in all its operations. Opportunity is given to individuals or teams to contribute in any form, as fresh ideas are always welcomed. We are focused on the delivery of world-class contents which is why we look out for innovative approach in the development of our book contents and interact with academics around the world to discover and unlock effective ways to make information accessible. We are committed to disciplined standards, freedom of expression, and the enrichment of lives through education.

We prioritise ethical practices; from the strong relationships, we build with authors and teachers. Consistently at the forefront of innovation and technological advancement, MPL is one of Nigerian’s publishers who has been able to digitise its content and create a global digital warehouse to protect the rights of its authors, meet consumers demands and generate additional business opportunities.

We have a clear and simple set of values in everything we do, we aspire to be brave, imaginative, decent and accountable. These values describe what is important to all of us, and guide us to do what is right for the world around us. We take pride in supporting academic programmes across the globe. Our staff are encouraged to offer practical help, advice and funding to nurture vitally charitable, educational and voluntary partnerships.


Our vision is to energise the world into a culture learning by research. We are committed to supporting innovations in learning and teaching. We have various publishing platforms as our resources are accessible across the globe, in prints and digital formats. Over the next decade, we see ourselves as one of the leading educational publishers in the world.


Our mission is to help all students achieve their full potentials. To accomplish this, we combine the science of learning with the art of teaching to create innovative educational tools and contents for learners from early childhood through professionals.  Our core values TRIIC which is represented as Team work, Respect, Integrity, Innovative and Commitment.